Q. Why are the quant libraries and back tested reports posted on the website free?
A. Deltaquants hopes to get valuable feedback from users in return of the free products. Deltaquants believes that these feedbacks would be the foundation of products and services Deltaquants offers in future.

Q. I have noticed a bug in an uploaded library. How do I report it?
A. Please mail us the issue at feedback@Deltaquants.com.

Q. How do I make a feature request?
A. Mail us the details at feedback@Deltaquants.com.

Q. What datasource does Deltaquants use for backtesting?
A. Deltaquants uses data downloaded through google excel addin for backtesting purposes.

Q. How does Deltaquants create xll libraries?
A. Deltaquants uses nxll and previously XLW as a wrapper library to expose the C++ libraries in excel.